Self Managed Super Funds

Helping you understand what SMSF is

and what benefits it can bring to you.

So What is a SMSF?

Simply put a super fund that is self managed. There are very specific rules and regulations around a SMSF and can be more work than a traditional retail or industry super fund

With a SMSF you (or a compnay of which you'd be a diretor) will become the trustee of the fund, but by no means does this indicate that you can do what you like with the funds.

There are many benefits and reasons for a SMSF and they are

  • Wanting to take greater control of your super investment portfolio
  • Having the flexibility to make changes to your fund with respect to market movements and changes
  • Wanting to invest in assets that traditional super does not give you access to, such as direct property

How can Atlas Financial make an SMSF work for you?

Some more recent reasons people have been turning to a SMSF is that it allows you to buy direct property through your fund. However, it is used to purchase investment or commercial properties not an owner occupied property.

There are many variations to consider but if set up correctly can be very rewarding in the long term and can have extremely beneficial outcomes in relation to capital gains tax and taxation of investment income.

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